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Privacy statement / dsgvo

privacy statement

  1. Scope & applicability

    • We do capture your personal data when you are visiting our websites and use our services. Sporthotel Ideal KG (the company) is updating and has ownership of these websites. This data privacy guide line defines how the company is using and protecting all information saved from you (as user) by visiting our website. The guide line is valid together with the terms of use for the website, and consequently is in relation to binding reservations, orders for brochures and sign up of newsletters. The company reserves the right to modify this data privacy statement at any time without notification. Only the most current data privacy statement is valid.

  2. What sort of private data do we capture

        • Whenever you decide to use our services (e.g. ordering of brochure, online inquiry, online booking) or agree to our cookie guidelines when enganging with our website, we collect your personal data which is necessary to provide your requested services. Depending on the inquired service it might be required for you to provide your name, address, phone number, travel details, credit card details, e-mail address and further identification information. This will allow us to process an online booking, online inquiry or brochure inquiry. In some cases we might ask you to provide more personal data if you wish to use our services.

  3. Why do we safe personal data?

        • We store personal data in an identified format over a certain amount of time with is based on the minimum period required by law and regulation, or based on the length we require your information for our business (booking, and so on). We store your personal data for a longer period than required by law and regulation in case of our rightful business interest, of course only if this is within the regulations by law. Whenever the booking procedure is completed and departure has taken place, we can take measures to mark personal data and further information. However we keep the possibility to store the data and access it as long as it might be necessary by law. We will keep using and disclosing personal data based on this data protection guide line in future.
        • Cookies used have fixed time lapses. Whenever you visit our sites or use our services within those time lapses the cookies will automatically be deactivated, and safed data will be deleted. Further information is available in our declaration of website use conditions, that is part of our imprint.

  4. How do we process personal data?

      • We process your personal data due to various reasons according to the data protection law which applies within the European economic area (EEA) and Switzerland.
      • For operating websites and offering our services as follows:
        • Price inquiry and online inquiry through our price calculator tool on our website
        • Online booking through our online booking tool on our website
        • ordering of brochure through our website
        • call back service through our website
        • Sign up for newsletter through our website or sign up for newsletter at place at reception desk via oral agreement
        • Credit assessment and solvency check, review of appliance, comparison of information to check for accuracy and verification
      • Due to management of our commercial practice, like monitor, analyse and improve the services and functionality of services and website.  For example we analyse the user behaviour and investigate the usage of our services.
      • With your approval:
        • To provide marketing for our guests, as we do provide marketing material of our Hotel, or the destination Obergurgl – Hochgurgl, Ötztal and Tirol, as well as products and services that do not belong to the package of Sporthotel Ideal KG. In some cases we also process your personal data to align certain services and sites with your interests.
        • To offer personalised services that are provided by third party members (like OTA portals, destination portals, marketing affinity group sites). We can use your personal data and further information, which we have gathered based by the data law guide lines, to offer personalised advertisement, functions or offers from websites of third party members. We use in cases cookies and other tracking technologies and/or work with third party members like advertising and analysing companies to offer these online services to you.
        • To reply to your inquiries, for example to be able to contact you in case you have asked a question to Sporthotel Ideal KG.
        • To inform you about new products/services, price lists, offers and package deals about the hotel.
        • To send you birthday wishes via mail or e-mail.
        • You can cancel your compliance at all times and free of charge. Guide lines for it are to be found in section B “post/e-mail sendings” in our terms and conditions.
        • Detailled line-up of our activities and business area in accordance with the personal data can be found further below in “index for handling operations according DSGVO”.

  5. What are your rights?

        • Subject to restrictions in the data protection law as per EWR you do have certain rights in regards to personal data. Especially you have the right of access, correction, limitation, objection, extinction and transferability. Please contact us in case you want to claim these rights. If you want to have access to all personal data we – the Sporthotel Ideal KG – require identity confirmation including photographic image.
        • If you require any further information on the automated rulings please contact us anytime.

  6. How do we protect your personal data?

        • We undertake physical, technical and administrative security measures to protect your personal data from loss, misuse, ungranted access, transfer and change. Part of these security measures are firewall, data encryption, physical access limitations for our research hub and authority monitoring for the access of this data. We engage into security of our systems and services. Furthermore it is your responsibility to ensure the personal data we store from you is correct and up to date. We do not vouch for the protection of your personal data which is passed on to third parties under the directive of authorized account alliance.

  7. Where is your data saved?

        • We save data on the website to an Austrian webserver, overseen by Futureweb OG, St. Johann in Tirol.

  8. Change of data protection principles

        • Data protection principels are revised from time to time to reflect changes in our company, on our website & services or to display other new laws. The revised version is valid from the publish date of legal validity

  9. External websites

        • The website can contain links to other websites. This data protection applies to the above mentioned website only, they do not apply for linked websites which are owned or maintained by third parties. As soon as the user  accesses those links and leaves our website we no longer have control over the other websites of third parties. Although the company is putting the outmost effort into ensuring the linked website are of the highest standard, the company is not responsible for security and personal data protection  on third party sites. The user should maintain careful handling and check the data protection provided by the third party websites.

  10. Index of handling activity as per DSGVO

        • As per EU DSGVO an index of handling activity has to be maintained.
          We provide the index of handling activities as per DSGVO as a download. 

  11. Image data processing in accordance to DSGVO

        • Jurisdiction for the enforcements proceedings and for lawsuits against Sporthotel Ideal say that Sporthotel Ideal KG can resign from travel contract before start of travel or after start of travel, in case the traveller/customer/user is sabotaging the journey or annoying others with their behaviour, Sporthotel Ideal KG can resign from the contract without a time limit. In this case Sporthotel Ideal KG is allowed to charge the full travel price / trip price to the customer. Therefore guests do accept this condition §11.
        • At completion of contract for accommodation you agree to processing of your personal data like videos and image data catched by cameras for the protection of persons, staff and for the protection of property of Sporthotel Ideal KG. If non compliant the contract of accommodation is invalid.
        • The image recording serves the preventive protection of persons and employees or for the protection of the property of the Sporthotel Ideal KG, which are used exclusively by the responsible person of the Sporthotel Ideal KG. It does not extend spatially beyond the property, with the exception of a possibly unavoidable inclusion of public traffic areas for the purposes of the purpose.
        • The entrance tot he Sporthotel Ideal KG already has video surveillance of the public areas in the ski room, the hotel lobby, the reception area of the bar area and the dining room.
        • The image processing data is automatically deleted after 15 days.

  12. Validity of the privacy statement

        • Should individual provisions of this contract be ineffective or impracticable or become ineffective or unenforceable after the conclusion of the contract, the validity of the remainder of the rest remains unaffected. The ineffective or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by the effective and enforceable provision whose effects come closest to the economic purpose pursued by the contracting parties with the invalid or unenforceable provision. The above provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis in the event that the contract proves to be incomplete.

Changes and typographical errors reserved.

Hochgurgl, December 2018